Aurelia Khazan




Dark brown




French (mother tongue), English : Bilingual / Hindi : fluent (no accent)
Other languages spoke as needed in a movie: Haïtian Creole, Serbian, Spanish


Basic modern-jazz /basic indian classical dance (kathak) and bollywood


Elles, Animation 360° (virtual reality play) Dir. by : A. Mas et M. Tassini Roles : N. Horner / C. Delasalle

La Commode de Victorine (Eugène Labiche) Dir. by : Antoinette Guedy Role : Julie

La joie imprévue (Marivaux) Dir. by : Antoinette Guedy Role : Constance


Singing :

Professional singer– Mezzo soprano (jazz, soul, pop, basics for opera singing)

Musical instrument :

Violon (previously professional violin player)


Training with the French Actor Alexandre Grecq (Comédie Française) – theatre classes (French classic repertoire)

Training at the Paris Film Academy with casting director Debbie Mc Williams and John Henry Richardson

Experience in radio and Dubbing

YESTERDAY , Dir. by Dany Boyle

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY, Dir. by Brian Singer

TOMB RAIDER, Dir. by Roar Uthaug

CONFIDENT ROYAL, Dir. by Stephen Frears


The lost child – l’Enfant perdu (Feature film) Dir. by : Pierre Roberson-Roland Neptune Role : Alissa Malcolm (lead role)

La Rupture (Feature film) Dir. by : Philippe Barassat Role : Fatih (lead role)

Une question de conscience (Feature film) Dir. by : Didier Bion Role : Carlotta (lead role)

Mission Personnelle (Feature film) Dir. by : Franky Thian Role : Lady Knife ((lead role)

Je t’aime-filme moi ! (Feature film) Dir. by : Alexandre Messina Role : Aurélia

Guzaarish (Feature film) Dir. by : Sanjay Leela Bhansali Role : Ethan ex-girlfriend

The songlines (Short film) Dir. by : Elise McLeold Role : Yasmina

Dernier Rendez-vous (Short film) Dir. by : Aurélia Khazan Role : Jade (lead role)

Redemption (Short film) Dir. By : Thomas Coispel Role : Special agent (lead role)

A spies love affair (Short film) Dir. by : Thomas Coispel Role : Elizabeth (lead role)

Aimer malgré tout (Short film) Dir. by : Anarelle Mus Role : Jeanette

A visit from Paris (Short film) Dir. by : Richard Widmack Belot Role : Aurelia (lead role)

No Man, No Land, No Money (Short film) Dir. by : Gabriel Bélanger Oyarzun Role: Chloé

Love me Haiti (Short film) Dir. by : Hugues Gentillon Role : Marie Forstner (lead role)

La Galette des Rois (Short film) Dir. by : Ivan Magrin-Chagnolleau Role : Sophie (lead role)

La Belle et le Vertige (Short film) Dir. by : Maxime Hermet Role : La Belle

Smoke (Short film) Dir. by : Méhdi Salamé Role : Nina (lead role)

Toc (Short film) Dir. by : Emilie Chane-Alune Role : Ella (lead role)

Mudjhe dher ho gayi (Short film) Dir. by : Hemendra K. Bhatia Role : Anjali (lead role)

Psyko Métro (Short film) Dir. by : Thomas Daudin Role : La Femme (lead role)

Fleur de l’art (Short film) Dir. by : Maxime Sabahec Role : Hélène (lead role)


Showreel :


Awarded with "Excellence Price" for "Best Actress" in Theater Acting at Leopold Bellan International Acting Contest - Paris

Awarded with diploma from "Actor Prepares" (Anupam Kher’s School for Actors, Mumbai - India )

Selected as "Young Actress/Young Talent" showcased at the "Portrait Gallery" of the Cannes Film Festival

Receiver of UNESCO "Young Talent for Peace Award and Best Interpretation -Dikalo Peace Award" – International Panafrican Film Festival