Eleni Apostolopoulou





Trilingual English, French, Greek
Accents French, English, Spanish, Greek


Dekati Entoli - (main role) ALPHA TV, Panos Kokkinopoulos real.

Polemos ton Astrwn - (main role) ANT1 TV, Vasilis Karfis real.

Mayra Mesanyxta - (main role) MEGA TV, Panos Kokkinopoulos real.

Eida - (main role) ANT1 TV, Lefteris Charitos real.

Paris kai Eleni - (main role) ANT1 TV, Kostas Varelidis real.

Deligianneio Parthenagogeio - (main role) ANT1 TV, G. Paligiannos real.

Astynomos Bekas - (main role) ALPHA TV, Giorgos Kritikos real.

Gi kai Oyranos - (main role) MEGA TV, Grigoris Karantinakis real.

Kokkinos Kyklos - (main role) ALPHA TV, Panos Kokkinopoulos real.

Ta Paidia tis Niovis - (main role) NET, Kostas Koutsomitis real.


The dream of a summer night Theater - Bios

Chateaubriand and September 3 - National Theater of Athens

Waiting for the Barbarians - Show on tour (France / Greece / Cyprus)

Golfo, the story of a Greek version - Avignon Festival

To Kelifos - Central Theater, Athens

The Lying Kind - Ivi Theater, Athens

O Bakalogatos - Show on Tour (Greece)

To Fioro tou Levante - Anesis Theater, Athens

Bitter Tears of Perta von Kant - Poreia Theater, Athens

The casa de los siete balcones - Veaki Theater, Athens

Ismini - Argo Theater, Athens

Trito Stefani - Sinxrono Theater, Athens

Short Films

Nighthawks - Short film (post prod.)

I am anything - Short film (main role) - Jill Gage real.

Molon Lave - Short film (main role) - Michael Mauromoustakos real.

Vion Anthosparton - Short -mage (main role) - Dimitris Nakos real.

Grigorakis - Short -mage (main role) - Carmen Zografou real.

The Unite - Short film (main role) - Dimitris Nakos real.

Walk - Court (main role) - Orestis Kalampalikis real.

The Runner - Short -mage (main role) - Dimitris Gerardis real.

Lost Toys - Short film (main role) - Serafeim Ntousias real.


Air France - KLM (Dark Green Productions France - Greek voice)

Inra - Science & Impact (Dark Green Productions France - Greek voice)


TelemachyLong métrage - Despoina (main role) - Alexander Nally real.

Woman is ... - Feature film - Artemis (main role) - Antonis Kafetzopoulos real.

The Brides - Feature film - Russian Girl - Pantelis Voulgaris real.


Higher School of Dramatic Art Iasmos

Master Class Japanese Theater Olivier Breitman, Paris

Master Class Commedia Dell Arte Luis Jaimes Cotrez, Paris

Master Class Nikos Karageorgos, Athens

Master Class Tasos Bantis, Athens

Master Class Yoshi Oida, Athens

Master Class Lorna Mashal, Naxos



The Proprio - Nikon Film Festival,


Night falls in Palermo - - Paris


O Grigorakis - Athens


Martial Arts tae-kwon-do sports climbing