Bruce Wuilloud

Bruce Wuilloud
Sound mixer / designer

Professional sound recordist, owns his own equipment, fluent in english, travels easily and adapts to most situations with a positive attitude

PRODUCTION SOUND (non-exhaustive)


2016 Days of being in Geneva, 15′ court métrage, produit et réalisé par P. A. Mbabazi
2016 Printemps, 6′ short film, produced and directed by Carlo de Rosa
2016 Le Petit Oiseau, 6′ short film, produced and directed by Malena Azzam
2015 Shovel Girl, 7′ short film, produced by Kumquat Sàrl
2015 Tchangawanga, 7′ comedy short film, produced by Bikiny Brodas
2015 Ethical Fashion Initiative, Video Art project , directed by Yuri Ancarani, Produced by ITC (UN)
2014 The Cursed Ones, 90′ feature length film, produced by Zissou pictures
2013 The Take Away, 4x 3′ webseries, produced and directed by No Eye See Films
2013 Nana means King, 90′ feature length film, produced by Faction Films
2013 Gorytime, 2x 12′ webseries, produced by Upstream Films
2013 Paradise or something, 20′ short film, produced by Silent Shout Studios
2012 Otto Floss, 13′ short film, produced by Ana Carolina Sena
2012 From Dust, 13′ short film, produced by Stéphanie Anne


2014 New Vodou, 10′ promo documentary, produced by Stone Canoe Inc.
2014 Inner Vision, 90’ documentary, produced and directed by Marie-Cécile Embleton


2015 An Chwazi la Pè, 3×20′ TV shows, Produced and directed by Thomas Noreille for Minustah TV
2014 Muse by Muoko Sparks, 4′ music video, produced and directed by Serge Ndoumbe Films
2013 Rough Trade, 1′ interview, produced by Tonton Films for TV Globo (Brazil)
2012 Candy Girl, 3′ Short Film, produced by Vice and Channel 4 for Random Acts


2016 Interview at the International Organization for Migration, Rock the Boat Pictures (UK), Suisse
2016 Interviews for the Bill Gate’s Foundation, OMS/WHO, Turbulence Films, Suisse
2016 JTI, intern, produced by Edith Films
2015 Trafigura anual report, produced by WMP
2015 Tom’s Haïti, advert, produced by Farm League
2014 Chevrolet, 1’ Promo, produced by Silent Shout Studios for MOFilm
2011 Lux Fix, 2′ advert, produced and directed by Will GarthwaiteG

POST-PRODUCTION SOUND (non-exhaustive)


2016 La Femme Moderne, 3x 30” clips, produced by Vivianne Deurin
2016 Hard, 6′ short film, produced by Basile Vuillemin
2016 Printemps, 6′ short film, produced & directed by Carlo de Rosa
2016 Le Petit Oiseau, 6′ short film, produced & directed by Malena Azzam
2016 Le Baiser, 6′ short film, produced & directed by Filippo Filliger
2015 Shovel Girl, 7′ short film, produced by Julien Wey
2015 Tchangawanga, 7′ comedy short film, produced by Bikiny Brodas
2014 Peter’s Bubble, 10′ interractive short film, produced by Tribeca Film Institute
2014 Imphal, 90′ feature length film, produced by Junichi Kajioka
2014 Humdrun, 9′ short film, produced by Carla Stebbing
2011 Silent Night, 8′ short film, produced by MFX films


2016 Beograd, 18′ TV show, produced by BeCuriousTV


2015 Sassi Che Rotolano, 10′ fiction/documentary, produced by Piemonte Documenteur Filmfest Animations
2012 Spike the Mouse, 5′ Advert, produced by Luc Walpoth & Olivier Amrein
2011 Bread & Roses, 2′ stop motion, produced by Studio Strike
2011 Basketball, 2′ viral clip, produced by WeareWheels
2010 Seed, 4′ animation, produced by Yamen Albadin
2010 Synaesthesia, 4′ animation, produced by Valentino Laz


2012 Bow River Farm, 5′ promo video, produced by Yamen Albadin and Bruce Wuilloud
2009 Tapori Project, 5′ advert, produced by Turbulence Films


2013 BA Sound Arts and Sound Design, London College of Communication (UAL), London.
2010 ABC Diploma in Sound Arts & Music Technology, LCC (UAL), London.
2008 Acoustics and sound engineering, Conservatoire of Geneva, Switzerland.

Language skills

French (mother tongue)
Brasilian Portuguese (very good command)
English (very good command)
Haitian Creole (good working knowledge)
German (working knowledge)
Spanish and Italian (working knowledge)


Protools XI, Logic Pro 10, Ableton Live 6, Audiosculpt 3, Paulstretch, Melodyne 1.8, Izotope RX 2 Advanced, Altiverb 6, Waveagent 1.2, Max msp 6, Audacity 2.0.5

Other :

Driving License B, car, Swiss and European passports, demi-tarif CFF.
Experienced in travelling, adapts easily to all types of cultures, people, and places.
Musician (singer-songwriter), vocals, guitar, violin, sitar, afghani rabab.

Equipment list :

Recorders : Sound Devices 788T SSD, Zoom H4N
Location Mixer : SQN 4S Serie II
Shotgun Microphones : Sennheiser MKH 416
M-S Microphone : Pearl MS8CL
Cardioid Microphones : Sennheiser MKH 435
Wide Cardioid Microphone : ADK SC-1
Long Shotgun Microphone : Sennheiser MKH 816
Large Diaphragm Cardioid Microphones : Alctron MC410, Neuman TLM193
Vintage Microphones : Sennheiser K2U With ME40 (2pcs) and ME80
HF Transmitters Lectro SMQV, Senn. ew 100 G2 (2p.), Sony WRR
HF Receivers : Lectro UCR 411a, Senn. ew 100 G2 (2p.), WRR
Lapel Microphones : DPA 4060, Sanken COS -11D, Senn ME2-U
Omnidirectional Interview Microphone : AKG D-130
Monitoring : Beyer Dynamics DT 770 PRO
Additional pair of Headphones : Sony MDR-XD100, Meze 99 Classics
Boom Poles : Rycotte A5, Rode mini, KTM (5m)
Mic stand: 3 pieces
Equipment bag and Harness : KTS
Wiring : Canare Star Quad L-4E6S, Neutrick connectors
Additional equipment available on request.