Romina Sánchez

Romina Sánchez


Spanish Mother tongue
English Advanced
French Advanced
Arab Elementary


2015 A Sunny Day (Short film) Film director: Natalie Kerman Lead role: The dead woman
2013 Frontieras (Feature Film) film Director: Farida Benlyazid. Lead role: Maite
2012 Tangernation (Feature Film) Film director. Ramón da Cruz, Mínimo Producciones. Jane Bowles. (Lead role)
2013 Rock the kasbah (Feature Film) Film director: Laila Marrakchi. (The young fiancé) (Supporting role)
2012 This too shall pass (Short film) Film director: Natalie Kerman Lead role: The woman
2010 Iraida (Short Film) Film Director Daniel Ferriol. Lead role: Iraida
2005 La vida perra de Juanita Narboni (Feature Film) Film Director: Farida Benlyazid . Supporting role: Carmen


El Príncipe. Supporting Role: Aminah
Secret de Famille. Director film: Farida Benlyazid (Supporting role)
Decoideas TV Program
2009 Ad Tien 21. Bite films. Lead role
2007 Ad Alcampo. French tv, The gun Films. Lead role


Lisistrata Cabaret (Theater and musical) Trece gatos Theater company
Under my bed (Shor play) Author and lead actress
The woman alone (Darío Fo.) Dir. Mostapha Banja. Lead Role: The woman
Ary Ticky’s Band (Musical) Arenal theater Madrid. (Sony music)
Deserts of soul (Short play) 2004 Co-Author and Actress
Natan: Reading (SGAE, 2004)


Acting at the London Drama School (London)
Acting At Cristina Rota. (Four years)
Workshop with the spanish film director Jaime Chávarri.
Film Acting Workshops with the film director and Casting directors: Vicente Aranda, Eva Lesmes, Assumpta Serna y Scott Cleverdon , Azucena de la Fuente et Alicia Sánchez.
Sara Bilbatua, Geli Albadalejo, Tonucha Vidal and Elena Arnao (Cast.)
Ángeles Gonzalez Sinde ,Ramón Quesada and Luis Gimeno (film acting and auditions techniques)
Acting with Rosario Ruiz Rogers
Dubbing Workshop. (Banda B)



Classic music and blues/Jazz. Popular school of Music (Madrid).
Singing Popular school of Music (Madrid). Academy of Art (Madrid) (Robert Jeantal) and Singing training with Alejandra Barella (Forever King of pop)


Classic Dance : Karem Taft, (Madrid),
Contemporay Dance: Karem Taft School and with the dancer Monica Runde,
Camille C.Hanson. (La dinamo) Jazz (Chevy Muraday) Afro, Funky and Belly dance


Author and editor of the book Fronteras, Impressions about a Shoting
Author of the tale: The eclipse. (Litograf)
Instructor of Pilates Method (Spanish National Federation)
University Degree: Journalism


horse riding, singing, piano and dance