Matthias-Leonhard Lang

Matthias-Leonhard Lang

Heigth: 185 cm
weight: 88 kg
Feet size: 41(EU) 7.5 (UK)
Jacket size : EU 54, UK 44L

French Native
German Native (Accents: Austria, Switz., Germ.)
English Native level, accents: UK and US
Spanish fluent
Italian fluent
Cross-language accent knowledge (English with German accent e.g)

2012, Sept. 1251 director: Simeon Gheri, Thun (CH) (currently in Postprod) In mediaval German
2012, Sept. Implosion director: Erwan Gobilliard, Madrid (E) (currently in Postprod) In Spanish

2013, March Le prix de la solidarite director: Melwin Paillard, Ile d’Yeu (F) (currently on Festival) In French and English
2012, June SCOTCHEND director: Marco Muccio, Zürich. (CH) (currently in Postprod) In German (accent: Germany)
2012, Jan. DIE ÜBLICHEN VERDÄCHTIGEN director: Pascal Burger, Zürich (CH) In German (accent: Austria)

2013, April EMBARQUEMENT IMMEDIAT by Gérard Darier director: Mauro Paoluzzi, La Compagnie d’Ici, Théâtre du Petit Music’Hohl, Geneva(CH). In French
2012, Oct-Dec HEIDI By Johanna Spyri, director: Maurice Gabioud , Théâtre Toepfer de Genève, Geneva(CH). In French
2012, April-May PEAU D’ÂNE By Charles Perrault, director: Maurice Gabioud, Théâtre Toepfer de Genève, Geneva(CH) In French with German accent
2011, Oct-Dec JOYEUX NOËL By Alan Ayckbourn, director: Mathieu Chardet, Théâtre d’Onex Parc, Geneva(CH) In French with different accents
2011, Sept-Dec 2 VELOS, 4 POUFS, 1 BANC By Nicolas Haut, director: Nicolas Haut, Théâtre de la Traverse, Geneva(CH) In französischer Sprache
1985, Sept. Dec. GRAND PÈRE By Rémo Forlani, director: Nicolaus Windischspoerk, mit Pierre Brice, Vienna English Theater, Vienna(A). In French

2012 Feb-Jul. A.P.R.I.L.director: Richard Blanchetière, Issoire, Puy-de-Dôme (F) In French with Italian accents

1988 May EIN SOHN AUS GUTEM HAUSE director: Karin Brandauer In German (accent: Austria)

2013 Fortnightly TV show on contemporary art OVERLAYMAG.CH director: Christian Meuwly In French

SPORTS Sailing, horseback riding, ballroom dancing

OTHER Owns a driving licence …and 13 years as international banker and financial analyst experience