Francesco Calabrese

Francesco Calabrese

Hair: black
Eyes: green
Height: 1,87 m
2012 Pour une femme written and directed by Diane Kurys
2009 Cronaca di una notte written and directed by Lino Damiani
2008 Albakiara written and directed by Stefano Salvati
Un passo indietro written and directed by Michele Nanni
2007 La Bella Figura written and directed by Harry Brunjes
Aria written and directed by Giorgio Arcelli Fontana

2014 Angello written and directed by Perrine Sonnet
2013 EVA written and directed by Diane Weber Seban
2010 La chouette aveugle written and directed by A. Hajinazari
2008 L’Oro bianco written and directed by F. Rizzo – David 2010
2007 Un attimo di respiro written and directed by Sara Colangelo, Produced by New York University, Tribeca film festival 2007

2014 Odysseas d’après Homère directed by Laureline Romuald and Niryis Pouscoulous, Paris – Bruxelles – Luxembourg
2013 La Nuit Tombe… written and directed by G. Vincent, Paris, Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord, created for the la 66 edition of Festival d’Avignon
2012 Naples Millionnaire by E. De Filippo, directed by A. Coutureau, Paris, théâtre de la Tempête
2011 Au royaume des borgnes… written and directed by J. Benzacar, Avignon théâtre de l’Essaion
2008 Caracalla by F. Melquiot directed by M. Didym
Gabriele by F. Paravidino, directed by Lorenzo Carvalho D’Amico
2007 Dal naso al cielo by L. Pirandello, directed by M. Mckai, Viterbo
2006 Storie di ordinaria follia by P. Zelenca, directed by J. D. Puerta Lopez
Black Comedy by Peter Shaffer, directed by Fabrizio Catarci, Roma, Teatro dei Cocci

2014 About the french revolution, directed by JOEL POMMERAT
2013 Look deeper into the text to get the action, directed by ANATOLI VASSILIEV
2007 Graduated of Centro sperimentale di cinematografia. Acting class directed by G. Giannini
2004 Assistant of Corso superiore de recitazione directed by Lino Damiani
2003 Acting class on Strasberg method directed by Lino Damiani

Sport Volley ball, fencing
Dance Classical, Modern
Singing Baritone