Azania Noah

Casting information

Height 165 cm
Weight 56 kg
Hair color Black
Eyes Dark-Brown
Ethnicity African-American
Voice Type Soprano






Blues sisters


Tears in Heaven (Eric Clapton)
Blow me away (Azania Noah)


Few people are born with the gift of instantly touching people’s hearts with their voice. Azania is one of them. Originally from Sierra Leone, West Africa, this award-winning, multi-cultural artist was born and raised in the U.S. & in Geneva, Switzerland. From the age of 6 she knew that singing was her calling. “It’s a beautiful way to share emotions and connect with people on a deep level” she says.
A true chameleon, Azania loves exploring various facets of her voice in different styles of music. During her 12+ years of classical opera voice training, she performed in many different bands of not only soul and funk, but various styles from jazz to disco, electro/house to gospel, reggae to musical theater. In her latest album, RISING, several songs are inspired by the groovy soul and funk era of the 1970’s. However Azania’s compositions evolve from diverse musical influences. “I simply compose what I feel, and I’m inspired by different styles. To me what’s most important is the message and emotion of each song. If you feel it, that’s all that counts”. Reflecting her warm personality, Azania’s lyrics are often enriched with uplifting and positive messages. She’s currently composing songs for a new album, co-produced by Jeremiah Abiah, to be released in 2015.
Azania is also a talented actress, she notably performed in a short film “Grace” playing a Kenyan immigrant who suffered domestic violence. She recently acted in an upcoming documentary film produced by the grandson of the famous African-American icons, Ruby Dee & Ossie Davis, called “Life’s Essentials by Ruby Dee“.
An avid philanthropist, Azania is goodwill ambassador to the All As One Children’s Center and orphanage based in her home country, Sierra Leone in West Africa. Founded during the country’s civil war, since 1999 they have provided shelter, food, medical care and schooling to over 3,000 of orphaned and destitute children in Sierra Leone.